TEC TANDEM - Second Edition

To continue the process on international job shadowing amongst TEC trainers in Europe, JINT offers another training opportunity in 2022. We'd like to include a new trainer on one of our on-arrival trainings, in order to exchange experiences, methodologies and working methods across borders.

We welcome you on our on-arrival training from 3 to 8 October 2022. You will be included in the preparatory work of the training, the implementation during the training and the evaluation afterwards. As we welcome this exchange as a learning opportunity amongst trainers and NA's, we emphasize the focus on the learning curve first. Therefor the selected trainer will receive 70% of the Belgian fee for an on-arrival training. If you're selected we will discuss the details. Should you have specific questions about this aspect, please do not hesitate to add them in the form.

Below we ask you a couple of questions that will give us more knowledge on your experience, expertise and your personality as a trainer. We want to find a trainer that fits in with the existing team. If you're not selected for this oncoming training in October, there is no need to worry! We're trying to build a team that is beneficial for all trainers (and participants) involved for this specific oncoming training. Every TEC training in Belgium has different teams, be aware that you might fit in better another time. As long as we keep on organising the TEC TANDEM in Belgium, we welcome you to keep on applying and to take part in this trainers exchange.

The conditions are as following:

  • The training takes place from Monday 3 October until Saturday 8th October
  • A minimum of 1 day of prep work is required, answering mails excluded
  • A minimum of 1 day of evaluation time is required, possibly live or online, answering mails included
  • Travel costs are 100% covered by JINT and reimbursed after the training
  • Coming earlier and/or staying longer is possible
  • Accommodation is only covered for the length of the training, 1 extra night before the training starts is discussable
  • 70% of the Belgian fee is offered, receiving an invoice from the trainer is required
  • Selection of the trainer takes place by JINT and the 2 trainers involved in the on-arrival training, a possible short Zoom call might come up to inquire more information about you and your working style.
  • Insurance can be offered, although it is higly recommended you are insured as well
  • Deadline to apply is 26 July
  • Final selection will be made by mid-August.
  • Should you have any question related to this exchange, please let us know in the form.

We're looking forward to make this happening!


    Don't forget your country code.