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15 april 2024. 14u -
17 april 2024. 14u

Le BIJ: On-arrival Training 15 – 17 april 2024


! This training is organised by Le BIJ and is only for volunteers who are not able to attend a training organised bij JINT !

We recommend taking part in a training organised by JINT, since at the BIJ-trainings most of the participants will be living and working in Wallonia. As a Flemish volunteer this might not be an ideal situation to connect with other volunteers due to geographical and linguistic barriers. You can find the JINT trainings in this calendar (the ones that don't mention Le BIJ).

This training is for European youngsters that have arrived in Belgium before 1 April.

  • 15 - 17 April 2024
  • We require a minimum of 2 full weeks in Belgium to take part in this training
  • This training is happening residential
  • The group will consist of about +-25 people
  • Only for volunteers who can't make it to a JINT Training.

send Thomas an e-mail for more information

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