Mid-Term Training
12 - 14 November 2024
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Dear European volunteer,

Time for another training!

  • On this mid-term training YOU create the agenda
  • Exchange with other volunteers on your experiences
  • Support and learn from each other
  • Get to know how to take the best out of this international learning experience

On the mid-term training (12 - 14 November 2024) you decide what to learn!

This training is obligatory for all ESC volunteers coming to Belgium for more than 6 months:

This training is for European youngsters that have taken part in the On-Arrival training in May.

This training is happening residential. Your group will not exceed 25 participants.

Registrations close on the 29th of October. Once you are registered you'll receive an e-mail 10 days in advance of the training with more practical details about the training.

Should you or your organisation have any question, please write them in the subscription form or send an email to 

We're looking forward meeting you!

Greetings from the Mid-Term team.



    Don't forget your country code if it is not a Belgian number.

    Please write your full Belgian address (Street + number, postal code + city).

    e.g. 2019-1-BE05-ESC11-001111
    If you don't know, contact your organisation.

    More information needed?

    Contact Thomas for any other questions.