Register for the JINT on-arrival or mid-term training

Dear European volunteer/trainee/employee,

If you just arrived in Belgium, we wish you a very warm welcome!
We hope to meet you soon on the on-arrival training where you will meet other European youngsters and explore intercultural learning.
You’ll also learn about the framework of being a volunteer/trainee/employee in Belgium and you’ll have the time to reflect on your learning needs for your own project.

  • Are you arriving before the 31st of August 2019? We invite you to this on-arrival training from 16th until 21st of September, please register below.
  • Are you arriving after the 31st of August 2019? We ask you to have a little more patience and invite you for the on-arrival training from the 18th until the 23th of November. (Registration is not online yet.)

This is a new approach from the National Agency, so you might need to inform your coordinator. We have chosen to organise the training this way to ensure you're coming to the on-arrival with enough experience about your project. In the past we had participants coming to the on-arrival training, while they were only in Belgium for one week. We prefer to avoid similar situations and aim to provide the best training experience for you.

  • Have you already followed an on-arrivel training? We would like to meet you once again on our mid-term training from 19th until 21st of September, please register below.

When you have specific questions about your voluntary/traineeship/job time in Belgium, about your project or about anything related to your (voluntary) work, this is the right place and time to find answers!

For this training we meet in Hanenbos.
More details about the venue, the exact starting time and what to bring will follow later.

Please register below so we can make sure that your training will run smoothly.
We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Greetings from the team,
Nele, Natasha, Pieter-Jan, Joke, Anne, Pepijn, Alena, Jeroen, Goedele & Thomas



e.g. 2019-1-BE05-ESC11-001111
If you don't know, contact your organisation.

On-arrival training (16-21 September)Mid-term training (19-21 September)

More information needed?

Contact Goedele for logistical questions.
Contact Thomas for any other questions.