Register for the JINT on-arrival training 17-22 February

Dear European volunteer,


  • Looking forward to meeting other European youngsters?
  • Ready to explore intercultural learning?
  • Questions about your volunteering or your project in Belgium?

On the on-arrival and mid-term training in February 2020 you’ll find the answers! You'll learn about the framework of being a volunteer in Belgium and reflect on your learning needs for your own project.

The exact dates still need to be confirmed and more details about the venue, starting time and what to bring will follow later.

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See you soon!

Greetings from the team,
Nele, Natasha, Pieter-Jan, Joke, Anne, Pepijn, Alena, Jeroen, Goedele & Thomas



e.g. 2019-1-BE05-ESC11-001111
If you don't know, contact your organisation.

On-arrival training (17-22 February)Mid-term training (17-22 February)

More information needed?

Contact Thomas for any other questions.