Mid-term training
20-22 April 2021
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Dear European volunteers,

Time for another training!

  • On this mid-term training YOU create the agenda
  • Exchange with other volunteers on your experiences
  • Support and learn from each other
  • Get to know how to take the best out of this international learning experience
  • This training is for the volunteers who were in the on-arrival group in December with Natasha & Pepijn as trainers

Due to the high amount of COVID-19 cases in our country, this training is online. This means you will be able to follow the training from your home or place of your voluntary work.  All you need is a laptop and a good wifi connection. The training takes place on Zoom and will not take more than 3 hours a day. Please make sure you can follow all sessions. If it's impossible for you to follow the full training, you can apply for another online mid-term in April, please contact Thomas via email if that's the case.

Should you or your organisation have any questions, please ask them in the subscription form or send an email to

We're looking forward to meeting you!

Greetings from the mid-term team,

Natasha, Nele, Barbara & Thomas



    e.g. 2019-1-BE05-ESC11-001111
    If you don't know, contact your organisation.

    More information needed?

    Contact Thomas for any other questions.