Mid-term training
October 2020
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Dear European volunteer,

Welcome back!

  • Do you need an update on your learning accomplishments and needs?
  • Do you want to share personal experiences with others?
  • Questions about your volunteering or your project in Belgium?
  • Tips and tricks to survive the last part of your volunteering time here?

On the mid-term training (1 -  4 October 2020) you’ll find the answers! You'll learn about the framework of being a volunteer in Belgium and reflect on your learning needs for your own project.

You'll receive an e-mail with more details about the venue, starting time and what to bring 2 weeks in advance of the training. We are doing everything possible to organize this training residential. To make it COVID-proof we will have to follow some rules and guidelines, please respect them. The training will be confirmed the latest 10 days before, if we are allowed by the Belgian government to organize trainings you'll be expected in Brussels. If it is not possible to organize the training residential, due to the latest COVID-19 restrictions, it will happen online from 1 to 3 october.

Should you or your organisation have any question, please write them in the subscription form or send an email to 

We're looking forward to meet you!

Greetings from the on-arrival team,
Nele, Natasha, Pieter-Jan, Joke, Anne, Pepijn, Jeroen, Valérie, Barbara & Thomas



e.g. 2019-1-BE05-ESC11-001111
If you don't know, contact your organisation.

More information needed?

Contact Thomas for any other questions.